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repo_macros's Journal

"All your organs are belong to us."
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For fans of the stage play and upcoming film. Because even Genetic Repo Men love a good lol!
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Created in the spirit of places like mcr_macros and I Can Has Cheezburger.com, this is a community for fans of Repo! The Genetic Opera--both the stage play and the upcoming film adaptation.

1. Think humor, not bashing!
2. The macros should have at least one of the characters/actors from the film or stage play. What's the point of submitting it if it's not related to Repo?
3. Please keep all posts behind an LJ-cut. (How do I make an LJ-Cut?)
4. If there's any chance your macros may have spoilers in them, please note that. A spoiled fan can sometimes be an unhappy fan.
5. Have fun!

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